The Rod Hutchinson & Chris Yates Legacy by Tim Paisley Quarter Leather in Slipcase *ONLY 20 COPIES*


Quarter Leather Edition of only 20 numbered copies presented in custom made slipcase and bound by Ludlow Bookbinders

The Rod Hutchinson & Chris Yates Legacy – Compiled by Tim Paisley

The storied work of three of our highest profile carp-scene personalities of the last fifty years, Chris Yates, Rod Hutchinson and Tim Paisley, has been combined to create this extraordinary compilation of articles and taped interviews totalling in excess of 135,000 words, and illustrated by more than a staggering 300 pictures, many of them previously unpublished. This book details their relationship and incredible angling exploits spanning several decades and many wonderful adventures.

An editor of carp magazines for almost forty years, this is compiler Tim Paisley’s eleventh carp book, and destined to become a classic work.

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