RIVER GOLD – A Passion for Barbel NUMBERED Limited Edition


RIVER GOLD – A Passion for Barbel. NUMBERED Limited Edition of only 100 copies

Thirty Five of the best barbel anglers in the country were asked by Terry Theobald, himself a renowned barbel angler, to contribute a chapter to River Gold – A Passion for Barbel. The result is a compilation of stories covering a broad spectrum of angling for barbel. From small intimate rivers like the Anker to the mighty Tidal Trent, from the legendary Adam’s Mill stretch of the Great Ouse, to pursuing the giant Comizo barbel of Spain, each chapter will take the reader on a new adventure in the quest for big barbel. The contributors share their knowlege , their tactics and the reasoning behind them, making this book ideal for anyone wishing to take their first steps towards a new Personal Best Barbel as well as those looking for new ideas or new waters to try. This book is full of photos of the contributors’ own captures proving that large barbel can be taken fromsome unlikely places. River Gold is destined to become a classic in barbel literature and deserves a place on every barbel angler’s shelf.

Simon Baker, Julian Barnes, Lawrence Breakspear, Phil Buckingham, Adrian Busby, Greg Buxton, Jamie Cartwright, Dave Chambers, John Clark, Kevin Clark, John Costello, Mark Dutton, Graham Edwards, Matt Fernandez, Tony Gibson, Jerry Gleeson, Steve Hare, Alan Henshaw, Ade Kiddalll, Andy Macgregor, John McGough, Neil Maidment, Gary Manders, Matt Marlow, Shaun Nurse, Ian Potts, Chris Quinn, Paul Rogers, Steve Russell, Phil Smith, Terry Theobald, Rob Thompson, Andrew Tredgett, Mark Woodage, and Rob Young


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