Mick & Me Limited Edition Hardback by Martin Abonyi, Mick Townsend, Bob Roberts & Friends


Mick & Me Limited Edition Hardback of only 350 copies

Mick Townsend and Martin Abonyi were best friends since infant school, sharing a love of football, fishing and adventure up until Mick’s untimely death in 2019.This book tells some of that story, with help along the way from fellow friends and anglers Bob Roberts, Dai Gribble, Lee Swords, John Bailey, Matt Brown, Hugh Miles, Steve Spiller and Duncan Charman.

Mick is largely known for being one of the most prolific catchers of roach in the country but he was also a consistent catcher of specimen sized fish of other species too, as is highlighted throughout this book. Martin also shares Mick’s love for roach, with specimens to over 3lb and many more over the 2lb mark from a variety of rivers and stillwaters. The backdrop of this book is friendship and shared fishing adventures.


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