A Fish for Every Season by Stewart Allum Luxury Leather Edition


Luxury Leather Edition is slipcase of only 10 copies featuring a foreword from Matt Hayes and comprising over 300 pages. Expertly bound by Ludlow Book Binders

 There are few fish which so perfectly encapsulate the title of this book as the humble chub. It can be relied on to provide sport on the balmiest of summer days through to the bitter, icy cold of deepest winter and can be caught on just about every type of bait and method imaginable. It grows to an impressive size and whilst those of modest proportions can often be caught in goodly numbers, the very largest, craftiest specimens can prove exasperatingly difficult to tempt and even then, the outcome is far from certain.

Stewart Allum has pursued chub throughout the length and breadth of this island, a passion born when, as a schoolboy, he first enviously regarded the brassy, thickset form resting within his Dad’s landing net. Since then, Stewart has caught many a worthy chub, having pursued them alongside some of Britain’s finest anglers in a career spanning over sixty years, the highlights of which are recorded within the pages of this book.

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