LEP ‘Kingfisher’ MKIV Avon Cane Rod Number 5 of 10

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The Little Egret Press is proud to present this limited edition spilt cane fishing rod, the Kingfisher MKIV Avon. Beautifully handcrafted and finished by Tom O’Reilly who started renovating and building split cane rods 20 years ago.
The King Fisher MKIV Avon has a crisp sweet action, and is 10 foot in length, 2 piece and with a test curve of one and a half pounds; making it the ideal tool for catching many coarse fish. The rod is whipped in green, tipped with maroon silks, has agate lined tip and butt rings, intermediate whippings, sliding reel fittings, trumpet shaped handle, hook keeper, end cap and rubber button, with ‘Walker style’ cork swelling, 26inch long cork handle, and comes completed with its own rod bag. Each rod is signed and numbered by Tom O’Reilly and has a real beautiful blue Kingfisher feather varnished onto the cane, just above the handle. The Kingfisher rod is a limited edition of only 10 rods with this being number 5 and the LAST ONE remaining for sale.

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1 review for LEP ‘Kingfisher’ MKIV Avon Cane Rod Number 5 of 10

  1. Wayne Cryer

    A stunning hand made rod

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