Caught Between Two Worlds Hardback

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Caught Between Two Worlds is a new book written by expert all-round fisher Chris Cullen. Chris is an angler who is interested in many aspects of angling; consequently he finds he is often caught between two worlds.There are chapters on famous waters like Redmire, Beechmere and Woldale, tales of big carp, pike, tench, barbel and chub. Chapters on BB’s infamous centre pin reel that Richard Walker made, The Peter Stone Ledgerstrike rod, The Richard Walker carp net and other tales on tackle and books.
The book is illustrated throughout with Chris’ own scraper board drawings, which gives the book the feel of belonging to a different age.

Caught Between Two Worlds is a limited edition of which there are 300 cloth bound copies signed by the author




Limited Edition Hardback of 300 copies

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