Barbel for Life Hardback


Len Arbery is widely acknowledged as one of Britain’s more respected and well liked specialist anglers and a life-long fisherman, whose angling career spans from the 1940s to the present day.

Len’s first ever barbel came from the river Thames, at Penton Hook near Staines, in the 1950’s, and he still loves barbel and barbel fishing to this very day, particularly winter fishing. The search for barbel has led Len to the banks of some of the major southern rivers, principally the Hampshire Avon, Kennet, Dorset Stour, St Patricks Stream, Middlesex Colne and Great Ouse, but his efforts are now focussed on where it all began all those years ago, back on the mighty river Thames. Here, he says, perhaps remains the final chance of catching a previously unknown and uncaught leviathan.
600 copies only, all signed and numbered by the Illustrator.

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